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Economic development


  • Livable wage jobs ($15 is still too low in some communities)

  • Smart and sustainable growth

  • More green innovation and a greater focus on renewable energy

  • Job creation in growing industries: manufacturing, technology, hospitality, public health and the trades

  • Greater emphasis on job skill development and training

  • Boost our focus on tourism, the arts and the entertainment industry

We need smart and sustainable economic development that recognizes the needs and strengths of our communities. For far too long we have emphasized the need for economic growth, without considering the negative impacts it can have on our environment. The reality is we can do both.


We begin by making long term investments in renewable energy and stopping our reliance on alternatives that will have long term negative impacts. As river communities, we need more green jobs that are adaptable to the environmental concerns of the future and a changing market.


We also need to prepare for the jobs and markets of the future. 70% of the jobs that our youth will work in do not even exist yet. We have rapidly changing needs, which will require a greater ability to adapt, train and refocus.


We must also invest more on marketing our river communities to neighboring cities, towns and states. While many New Yorkers are leaving NYC, many our finding their way to the Hudson Valley, while spending some time visiting the area. Our cities and towns along the river have amongst the most beautiful sights in New York state, we need to work together boost our images as a united Mid-Hudson Valley. I believe greater collaboration in tourism and hospitality will benefit all of our communities.

Our cities and towns have seen immense investments in economic development in recent years, but much is still needed. We must capitalize on the current trends and be mindful of the needs of the communities.

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