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Our Unions are under attack.

We need to send leaders to Albany that are going to stand by our union members. Leaders that will stand beside our hard working families in the good and the bad.

  • Support collective bargaining for our public and private employees.

  • Advocate for prevailing wages

  • Advocate for our hard working families



What is your position on collective bargaining rights for public employees?

I believe it is a very crucial part of the negotiation process. We need to make sure that employers rights, salaries, health, safety concerns are being met (among other things). Collective bargaining rights must always be reinforced.

Do you believe that farm workers deserve the same protections under NYS labor laws as other workers (one weekly day of rest, overtime pay, protections from pesticides, sanitary toilet facilities, etc.) and why/ why not?

 Yes, farm workers, work very long hours and we should do everything we can to protect their rights. 


Safe Staffing:

Would you support legislation to regulate and enforce nurse-to-patient ratios to maintain quality of care standards? Why?

Absolutely, this is better for our nurses and it is better for the patients they serve.


Taylor Law:

1. What is your understanding of the Taylor Law? Do you support it?


The Taylor Law was intended to provide mediation and binding arbitration to support unions, but the negative impact of the law is that it makes going on strike punishable with fines and jail time. I believe our unions should have the right to strike and not face jail time. Unions are central to demanding rights from private and public companies that do not always recognize the concerns of their employees.


2. What is your understanding of the Triborough Amendment? Do you Support it?


My understanding is that it protects union workers contracts from expiring and I support any and all protections and safeguards for our unions. If it negatively impacts our unions ability to voice their grievances I do not approve.


When is it appropriate to give tax breaks to large corporations and developers? For how long and under what conditions?

I do not generally support tax breaks for large corporations, unless those corporations are providing a much-needed service to our community and that this tax break will benefit the community members that will be utilizing their service. For example, if it is for affordable housing or affordable childcare, I would be more favorable to some tax breaks, but never more than 10 years and often with a reverse clause after 50 years plus to the municipality.

Will you support local hiring as a priority for companies who receive economic benefits and incentives?

Local hiring is a top priority for me. We see too many companies that bring their workers from out of state or that say they cannot hire locally because the local population is not skilled enough to do the job. If that is the case, they must find a way to build their skills.are ready and that only a united Newburgh separate from the traditional identity politics and petty rhetoric is the only way forward.

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