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Women’s issues

  • Prioritize Rebuilding an Economy that Hires Women                                         ​​During 2020, women, particularly women of color amounted to the major of loses of jobs in the U.S economy. We can and must recognize the impact this has on families and do everything we can to provide support where needed. 

  •   Affordable Childcare

We need to make it easier for single parents and struggling working families to be able to go to work or go to school. As a son of a single parent, who had me at the age of 16, I learned first hand how difficult it can be to raise a child, go to school and hold a job. Covid 19 has only further reinforced the challenges of being a parent and a provider. Some counties and municipalities have created their on childcare programs, we should do the same in Orange County and set the example for the rest of the region.

  • Advocating for Paid Family Leave

  • End the Pink Tax

Women's products such as tampons, razors and even deodorant are more costly than those for men due to a marketing tax associated with products for women. This is unacceptable and we must set the standard in New York State. 


  • Advocate for increased funding for organizations that support women that have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault or human trafficking

Since Covid, domestic violence cases have increased drastically. Now more than ever we need to increase our funding to organizations like Fearless! (Formally known as Safe Homes) and Legal Services of the Hudson Valley and others, to help support people living in abusive relationships.

  • Eliminating the Gender Pay Gap in New York State

According to a U.S report it is estimated that in 2016 women working full time were paid only 80% what men are paid. It is estimated that this gap is in even higher amongst women of color.  This is a global problem, but here in New York State we can and should be doing more to address the gender gap, which is directly linked to poverty and financial insecurity amongst women.

  • Women's Health

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